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How to make the most of your business cards

Far from being a relic of the non-digital age, business cards are an essential part of any business’s branding. But with the advancement of technology, business cards have evolved. No longer are they simply a flat printed standard card with a name and number – the most effective business cards today should be much more than that. They need to work so much harder to stand out, and there are some clever ways in which you can achieve the right kind of business card for you.

Do we really need business cards nowadays? Most people now do much of their networking online. We have access to some great social platforms, from Facebook to the more business-like LinkedIn, and the image-lead Instagram. So you might be forgiven in thinking that you don’t need to be handing out business cards – and where would you use them, anyway?

But actually, having something tangible that you can give to people that you meet has huge advantages. And now, more than ever, they can really work to help you stand out amongst your competitors. With some clever design, and a bit of tech, you can make your cards extremely customisable. Getting creative Remember those flat, single-colour business cards we all used to see? The cheap, flimsy card, the dull, corporate colours, the old logo-name-number combo? We don’t have to settle for that anymore – and we shouldn’t.

Today, a good business card needs to do much more than give the recipient your name and number. People want to be able to connect with you digitally too. Your card should ideally supplement your online platforms – and do it seamlessly.

So in order to get the perfect balance, you need to think of your business card in two parts:

Content – with your business card, you only have a very limited amount of space to play with. Make it count. Yes, it should have your company logo somewhere on it, and of course your name and number. But it should also allow the recipient to see what your brand is all about, and have the ability to connect with you digitally.

Remember, you have 2 sides to play with. Think about things like QR codes which connect to your social media or website to make it super-easy. There is even tech which will allow you to play media such as video by scanning an image on the card with your phone. All of these things will help you to stand out, and be remembered.

Design – Good design is the key to success when it comes to your business card. Make use of images (always high quality, of course!), colour, as well as embellishments such as gloss inks, embossing, and cut-outs.

And why stick with square? Make a statement by having rounded edges, or a shape that represents your industry.

You can find plenty of inspiration online – and we are always on hand to offer you advice if you need it. Just give us a call, or send us a message, and we’d be more than happy to talk through some ideas with you!

Why not share your designs with us? Inspire us, and show us your business cards!

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