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Leaflet Design - How to get it Right

Thanks to the huge trend for online marketing, the use of leaflets can be a great way to get your message into the hands of your prospects in such a way that you’ll be remembered long after your social media messages have disappeared off the radar. Print marketing takes much more effort (and sometimes money) to get right, and so if you are able to get your message across in this way with the right leaflet design, it will show your customers that you have a strong brand that they can trust and believe in – because you care enough to put in the effort. With so many businesses choosing to focus on their online visibility, having a strong leaflet to give to your prospects can really make you stand out in a hugely competitive market. So, what should you do to make sure that your leaflet design reflects your brand, gives the right message, and most of all compels your prospects to pick up the phone?

Know your Audience

Before you even think about how your leaflet will look, you need to be clear on your target audience. Some people use the term ‘Ideal Client’ or ‘Avatar’, but it all equates to the same thing – who is your client? If you can get fairly specific about this, you’ll find designing and writing your leaflet much easier, as you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to. Think about why your target customer needs you. Are they male or female? What’s their age range? What’s their profession, and at what level? Where do they live? What are their hobbies? If you can answer these questions about them, then you’re much more likely to be able to appeal to them.

Know your Brand

As with all branding, be consistent. If you use certain colours, fonts, and images on your website and social media, then your printed media should have the same, so that your customers recognise you as a brand – if they read your leaflet, chances are they will want to do more research on you online, so make sure they have the same look, feel, and tone.

The right design

Use your logo on the front of the leaflet – but make sure you don’t make it too large, as it will overwhelm the message. Add your website and contact information on the front, as well as in the right key places in your leaflet. Consider the spacing and alignment – your customers will be put off by cluttered text and images, and if it doesn’t flow well, they will simply stop reading. Make sure your images are of extremely good quality, and tell your customers exactly what your products are. Don’t try to be all artsy and clever – instead, use photographs and images which will make them want to know more, and buy from you!

Invest in the right stock

Once you’ve put all that effort in to researching and designing your leaflet, don’t be tempted to ruin it by cutting costs on the paper and print costs. While it’s true that there are many options when it comes to printers and materials used, if your beautiful design is printed on thin, flimsy paper, or the ink is off-colour or comes out blurry, then all that hard work will be for nothing. Put some thought into the quality of the paper, and your customers will be impressed. Contact The Printing Lady for advice on your next leaflet, or visit our website for inspiration. www.theprintinglady.co.uk

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