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Design Inspiration for your 2021 Calendar

Sending a calendar to your customers is a great way to promote your business year-round. It’s something that we all use, so why not be a constant reminder on your customer’s desk, so that when they need you, your details are right there, in front of


Not only will they feel like they’re getting a nice little gift, making them feel valued, but you’re getting 12 months’ worth of free advertising.

Let’s take a quick look at the different calendar options, and how you can create a design that will wow your customers.

Types of calendar

The first thing you’ll want to decide is the type of calendar you want to create. This might depend on the type of industry/business, and of course your budget for the project.

For example, if you’re in the creative industry, you might want to show off some of your work with high-res photographs, whereas you might be in the kind of business where images are less important. That’s for you to decide – and of course, you can get creative with just about any kind of industry if that’s your style.

There are so many options for the type of calendar you can go for – a simple desk calendar is always a popular option, or you could look at something more impactful like a wall calendar, or a year planner.

Think about the calendar element. Do you prefer a simple date-grid, or are you more keen on having something the customer can write on? Will you include an option to highlight bank holidays and important days throughout the year?

Your design

No matter how creative you get with your design, bear in mind that this is primarily an advertisement for your business, so there are certain elements that you must include in your calendar design. Each page must have:

· Your Logo

· Your phone Number

· Website Address

· Email

Decide on placement for these, and try to make them prominent and consistent. If the information is top left in January, and then bottom right on February, it might look odd – dependant on the overall design, of course.

If you’re using images, make sure that they are of the best quality, and that they follow some kind of theme. It’s fine to use images of your products, but think creatively. Seek out a photographer or graphic artist who can advise on the best way to present the images in a way which will inspire your customers.

The best finish

Once you have settled on your design, you’ll need to think about the finish. As with all printing, it’s advisable to go for the best you can afford, as a poor finish will ruin the overall design, and can fall flat with your customers.

Consider the materials, the type of print etc. Glossy paper stock will make your images pop, and you could make use of things like texture and embossing to enhance your product further.

When deciding on your font, don’t go too small; it should never fall below pt in size, and the colour and style should be easily readable.

Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration for your 2021 calendar project, and helps give your business a year-round boost which brings back your existing customers time and time again. www.theprintinglady.co.uk

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